Residence Wohlfahrt-Laymann - Meiner Schluter Wendt
Interstice - Space within Space

Image 1: After

Image 2: Before
 I think its important to preface this exploration with a explanation to the sub title: Interstice is defined as space between space, I like to think of it as the positive-negative or solid-void relationship architecture creates with its built footprint.

In this case by Architecture Firm Meixner Schluter Wendt, Residence Wohlfart-Laymann is a prime example of how "new architecture" creates a interstitial tension between both the new volume and the pre existing architecture on the site.

The concept of this architectural piece is very interesting to me because they decided to keep the already existing house on the site and affix/ envelope a new volume as if it were a apenditure growing off the building. The resulting form then became a modern "idea" of what was once their.

Image 3: Old facade made interior space
On the inside of the modern envelope one would fine the reminance of what once was. Once a red/white country cottage, you will notice they white washed the pre-existing residence and "extruded" through an extension of the second floor towards the front glazed facade, by doing this they created a bulhead "interior" volume adjacent to the new open foyer which is shown in both images 3 and 4.
Image 4: Extrusion creates enhanced interior space out of pre-existing front yard
Image 5: Section
In conclusion, as an interpretation of parisitic architecture this building is a complete success. While some may negatively critic the end result in form, the approach in concept is very strong and shows dynamic influence of architecture of the existing built environment. No this is not an attempt to redefine the approach to new construction, but instead a twist to methods. 

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