Industrial Simplicity: Public Housing by Jean Nouvel

French architect Jean Nouvel designed the Nemausus housing project in Nimes during the 1980s. The two buildings, Nemausus I and II, are inspired by many of Le Corbusier’s premises of architecture, like the pilotis spanning the ground floor of the entire structure and the floor plans as well.  Nouvel designed the two buildings in such a simple way and with simple floor plans, overall and with each unit.  I have sketched out the floor plan of one of the units within the housing project to demonstrate its simplicity.    Not only were these plans designed in a very minimal approach, but his use of materials throughout the buildings was reflective of this as well.  He used materials like concrete and steel to construct the majority of his designs, giving the buildings an industrial feel. There is absolutely no decoration to his design and he actually left some of the markings that were made during construction on the walls to make the final product seem unfinished.  
I created a cut out of the interior space of one of the units in the Nemausus housing project to illustrate the minimalist structure within the space. I think that this design is very successful because it allows the inhabitant to be expressive as they wish.  It is a beautiful design on its own- it does not overshadow the individual furnishings, but complements them instead. 

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