Continual Change: Prada Showroom

The Prada Headquarters showroom in Milan, designed by OMA, has been used as a shell for different installations over the years.  The structure itself is quite incredible, consisting of a series of double arches spanning the width of the showroom.  It is a structure that can change with the changing of fashion every season and can contain different installations as need be.  For example, when we went to visit the showroom during design week in Milan, the space was used for the exhibition of the work of Rem Koolhaas. The cuttings I have produces show how the space can be interchangable and able to morph into what the designer wants.  In the first images shown, I have created the structure that acts as the shell for future exhibitions.  It is a very simple structure that can easily be transformed into anything. In the second images, I recreated an exhibition for a runway show in 2011 with an artificial turn and blue cubes for the visitors to sit on. In the third set of images, I created another exhibition space with a series of stairs that made up the catwalk for the runway show.  
The overall concept of the space is perfect for its function. Design and fashion go hand in hand: the design of the space changes in the same way that the design of fashion changes.  I also like how the space enhances whatever design goes into it and does not overshadow what is the focal point at that moment. 

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