Connections: Hadid Terminal

The Hoenheim-Nord Terminal, designed by Zaha Hadid, was completed in 2001 in France. The terminal was needed for a new tram service that would cut down on pollution and traffic in the city.  The structure echoes the energy of the program of a hub of public transportation. One particular aspect that I thought was very interesting is the connection of the structure with the ground.  The terminal has been constructed in white, creating a nice contrast with its surroundings, and physically touches the ground on one side of the tracks.  On the other side, there is no physical connection with the earth, but rather a massive area filled in with white paint to represent and continue the structure in a way to the other side. I have done some sketches to represent these connections and the cut-out I produced clearly shows this as well.  
I think that the concept of the terminal is quite interesting with the structure sweeping above the tracks and then back down to the ground, but I think that the quantity of paint used in the parking area is a bit unnecessary and does not seem very practical.  Overall, the structure seems fitting for its program because of its movement across the tracks, but in my opinion there could be a better use of the parking space on the other side of the tracks.  

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