Unique Approach to Restrictions

The Wozoco apartments, housing project in Amsterdam for residents over 55 years of age, represents an interesting approach in following the conditions and restriction of the site. The apartment complex was originally restricted to 87 units, each promising good natural lighting. MVRDV, the architectural firm of the project, set out to create a large common area within the site that the residence would use for leisure. However, this ideal left little space for the actually building. On top of this obstacle, the additional 13 units requested by the client expanded the building even further, adding additional restraints to the building/green space ratio.
To solve these issues, MVRDV extruded 13 units from the side of the building, creating a very unique structure in the realm of contemporary architecture. Cantilevered beams support the load of the suspended entities and the wall thickness were increased by 8cm. Though the apartment complex was suppose to be built to reduce construction noise of the surrounding area, much of the budget was spent in structuring the projecting apartments. The materiality of the protrusions were thus built of wood and the main facade of the building is mainly glass.
This cutting is meant to show the relationship of two separate elevations of the building. The main facade, if drawn in plan, appears normal. The protruding units are not evident as they are in another view of the structure. From the side, the suspended apartments are dominating and peculiar.

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